Monday, August 8, 2011


Happy friendship day to all my friends......................................

If you could use only a few words to describe what friendship means to you, what words would you choose? I choose loyalty, honesty, support, open mindedness, harmlessness, and unconditional Love. I have learned through the years that to have a friend requires being a friend. It relates to the adages: "What you reap, you sow." or "What goes around comes around." Friendship is a state of Being. It is not about doing something for another or having lots of possessions to attract another. It is about being a mirror in which the other sees himself/herself. In a Consciously open and honest friendship, growth is the miraculous process available to each friend. Communication is a key component to a sincere and authentic friendship. When full permission is given by both friends to speak the truth and create mutual growth, anything is possible.

True friendship is about seeing yourself and the other as God, Soul, Love, Limitless. It is the experience of knowing another at Soul level. There is a recognition of the other as a part of me, an undeniable oneness that is beyond space and time. It may appear that the form of a particular friendship lasts one month, five years, or a lifetime. The actual connection between two Souls is ever present and everlasting no matter what the form looks like. When considered from this perspective of the Soul, friendship is being Love in each and every moment. We never know when someone will pop into our life and make a difference. By living in the moment, we can be open to all the opportunities friendship has to offer......
“A friend is a gift you give yourself,” – Stevenson

Here are few tips to make good friends...............................

1) Listen to people!

2)And make sure to remember their name!

3) Be excited to see people

Train yourself to be excited to meet people.

4) Treat everyone the same
To make the previous suggestion happen, think of everyone as being a close, dear friend whom you’re excited to see. Not easy to do, but it will change how you deal with people for the better and make you that much more likeable.

5)Visit someone when they’re sick
When someone is sick, they need our help most of all. Be considerate and caring; make them some chicken soup or a get well card. The effort means a lot...............

6)Always greet people
If you can say “Hello” to someone do so, like your neighbors. Even if you never become friends, it’s a great habit to have

7)Be yourself!
Ultimately, people like you for you. Forget about being artificial, about coming off the right way – just be yourself..

8)Remember birthdays.

9)Be positive
Bring a good energy to your friendships.

10)Be nice!
Just find ways to be nice to your friends. If you cook something, share it! And so on.

Friends are so precious never miss them.................................

Saturday, August 6, 2011


You may have a "dozen nail-polishes"  in many different shades, but you hardly use them. The reason? 
Your nails hardly seem to grow long enough to file them and apply nail-polish. A lady becomes all the more beautiful if she has "lovely hands. Long fingers, with nicely shaped nails that have been painted for a glossy touch"  look absolutely ravishing. 
 You need not spend a huge amount for attaining those perfect nails. With a little patience and discipline, you will soon have long pretty nails adorning your fingers. If you have always wanted long and beautiful nails but never really worked hard for it, here are some tips on how to grow nails.

•First of all, stop biting your nails if you do.
 Nail-biting is not only one of the most annoying habits, but also very unhygienic. Biting nails constantly stunts its growth and ultimately damages it to an extent that it stops growing. Let your bitten nails start to heal up now and stop biting them.

•Gelatin promotes nail growth. If you don’t like to eat gelatin foods like desserts, try taking it in the form of capsules. A good physician should be able to recommend  you a good gelatin capsule. If your nails are too soft and brittle, you probably lack calcium. Take calcium supplements with a balanced diet to promote the growth of healthy nails.

•You need to take care of your hands properly in order to promote nail growth. Don’t use too many harsh chemicals like detergents and cleaners on bare hands and if you do, make sure that you wash it off thoroughly. Keep your nails clean and apply moisturizer to make your fingers soft and supple.

•After washing your hands, dry them off nicely and apply a hand lotion that is vitamin-enriched, daily. Keep your cuticles clean and don’t mess with them too often by pushing them back every now and then. Trim nails regularly to promote faster growth.

•Massaging your finger tips and nails will also go a long way in promoting growth. Get a good quality hand massaging lotion and massage your palms, fingers and nails gently with it on a daily basis. This will increase blood flow and that will promote the growth of nails