Thursday, December 30, 2010


A microwave is one of the most convenient ways to heat up some food quickly in our homes.

However, all that food can splatter and spill in the microwave, making a big mess , plus, have you ever burned something in the microwave, such as microwave popcorn? That smell seems to linger on and on, as do many other microwave odors.

1. Microwaves can be freshened by wiping the interior with a solution of four tablespoons of baking soda to one quart warm water. NEVER use a commercial oven cleaner.

2.  Wet a rag with cold water, leave it really wet but not dripping. Nuke it for about a minute and then open the microwave and wipe the mess away with a separate wet cloth. The one that was microwaved is VERY HOT do not touch it with your hands. Mess will wipe away easily without ANY cleansers at all. The steam loosens the baked on mess and it wipes clean away. May need to repeat a few times before you are done.

3,  put a cup of water in the microwave with a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice in it (or a couple of drops of dish soap if I'm out of lemon juice), run it for 2-3 minutes, let it sit so it steams up the inside of the microwave and loosens the stuck-on yucks, then wipe it all away with a paper towel. It's quick, simple and makes the microwave smell nice!.


Positive thinking is an art that can help you manage your life better. There are ways to follow in order to learn how to start thinking positive. Positive thinking is not something that will fall one day from the sky but it needs effort and skills to be able to achieve it. By start thinking positive you will place you self in a position that will allow you not only to manage your life better but it will also help you to raise yourself esteem and self confidence

10 Ways to start thinking positive :


Create in your mind an indelible image of yourself as a successful person. Keep this strong image within you, and do not even allow it to fade. Over time, this picture will evolve within you and the details will be stimulated. You must never challenge the reality of this intellectual image because it will be dangerous. Your mind will also try to fill the gaps in what was originally imagined. Always have in your mind the success regardless of how bad things seem to be at the moment.

Each time that invades your mind a negative thought concerning your personal powers and abilities, deliberately start thinking of something very positive to counteract.


Do not build your imagination with obstacles. Instead, try to minimize any potential obstacle. The difficulties must be studied and treat effectively in order to be eliminated, without giving them more power than they really have. Often fear exaggerates the difficulties and «hides» their true dimension.

Think of your brain as an image playback unit. The images are coming from our thoughts, often taking shape in our minds and frighten us, or give us the power to be creative or inspire us or make us dream.

Negative thoughts create negative images and hence negative reactions. The same happens with positive thoughts that make exactly the opposite and work for our benefit. To start thinking positive you have to create these positive images in your mind and take advantage of the inspiration and creativity they will create.


This must be the most intelligent advice. Do not overly be impressed by other people so as to copy them. Nobody can be as effective as you have in your life. Remember also that regardless of how dynamic and successful one can seem, often they may have the same lack of self-confidence and they may be afraid the same as you.

Get to know your self better. Find what is causing your inferiority or your fears and misgivings. It is likely these negative feelings of you to stem from childhood and from young age. You may often need the advice of a specialist to help you understand why you feel and behave in a particular way. Try to understand your self better, which is the first step in managing your life better.
Make a realistic assessment of your skills

Make a realistic assessment of your skills and then increase that by 10%. That does not mean that you will become selfish. Instead, you must believe in the forces and means to create a rock solid sense of your self. Only when you believe in your self you will be able to start thinking positive.

Turn positive thinking into creative thinking. Positive thinking alone will not help us to manage our life better. What we need apart from positive thinking is creative thinking. Creative thinking is about planning, designing and putting objectives for the future. Starting from simple, everyday things we have in our daily schedule. This can be the first step to organize our thinking on how to implement the things we have to do.

Also the power of creative thinking, besides the benefits it can bring to us, can also be used as a positive influence for those around us. We can inspire them; give them incentives, energy and vision. Thinking creatively is something that we can train ourselves to do. It takes time and effort but when we achieve it we will be able to manage our life better.

Start transforming thoughts to actions. Try and find ways to simplify and facilitate your daily obligations, which would result in savings of your valuable time that is needed for your personal improvement.

Focus to solve some of the operational problems of everyday life and then direct the power of your positive thinking to try and shape your next steps in your lives, your personal relations in your career and your family.


Dream! The power of thinking can take you to some great moments that made you happy…it can magically transfer you to the beach as if you were on holiday! It can transfer to you sounds, colours, smells and people.

Dream now what you would like to be in your life, your relationship, your work and think about it intensely with as many details as you can. This thought makes you feel beautiful? This thought gives you incentive to try to get to the point that you dreamed? Yes! We must do this every day thinking, again and again and again!

So, install a new operating system in your brain that will make you start thinking positive. This will ignore the fears and will not convert them into images, will ignore the bad thoughts about possible failures and transform them into a big picture of success and self confidence. You'll see that with time your life will become more beautiful and will approach the life that you dreamed about and also your behaviour will become more effective and more acceptable to your environment. Fight against the evil thoughts from their roots and do not leave them reach the surface. To start thinking positive is in your hand ... or rather in your mind!

Monday, December 6, 2010


INGREDIENTS: Dill leaves - 2 bunches ( use only tender  stems)
                            Salt - to taste
                            Chilli powder - 1tsp
                             Moong dal - 1/4cup
                            Oil - 1tsp
                            Garlic - chopped finely(optional)
                             Jeera - 1/4tsp
                             Grated coconut - 1tbsp


1. Chop  the dill leaves finely and wash  them nicely.
2. Soak moong dal in water for about 10mins.
3. Heat a pan add oil.

4. Then add jeera seeds.

5. Allow them to crackle.
6. Add soaked moong dal.

7. Add a pinch of salt and mix well.

8. Then add the washed and chopped dil  leaves.

9. Mix well.

9. Add little water.

10. Cover and vcook for 3mins.

11. Add  1tsp chilli powder.

12. Mix it nicely.

13. Grate some coconut and keep aside.

14. See that all the water gets evaporated from the green.
15. It should become completely dry.

16. Then add the grated coconut.

17. Mix nicely.

18. And serve with hot rice and ghee or roti..............................