Sunday, January 2, 2011


INGREDIENTS: Bengal Gram Flour - 1 cup
                           Ghee - 2 cups( you can even use 3/4 cup oil if you like , if using oil add 1 1/4 th ghee)
                            Sugar - 2cups

                            Water - 1/2cup

1. Take 1cup of besan and add 2tsp of oil.

2. And rub the flour  with your hands.

3. Sieve the besan flour to remove lumps.
4. Grease the tray (in which you will finally transfer the mysore pak) with ghee .

5. Heat the ghee in a vessel till it is very hot.

6. Keep a small bowl/cup with water near the cooking stove.
7. Take 2cups of sugar in a pan.

8. Mix the water and sugar in a heavy kadai and place on fire.

9. Keep mixing the sugar syrup.

10. It should get one string consistency.

11. When the sugar is dissolved strain through a fine filter to remove dust particles.
12. Pour the sugar syrup back into the kadai and place again on low fire.

13.  Keep stirring till you reach soft ball consistency.
14. To check the consistency, just drop a bit of the sugar syrup in the bowl/cup of water that you have near the stove.
15.  The syrup should instantly settle at the bottom as a round lump inside the water.
16.  This is the soft ball consistency (It will approx take 10 minutes to reach soft ball consistency).
17. Now drop the gram flour little by little into the syrup, stirring constantly (to avoid forming lumps).

18. Once all the gram flour has blended with the syrup,

 pour the hot ghee-oil little by little, stirring constantly. All the ghee will get absorbed.
19. Continue to stir and within few minutes the mixture will get frothy and leave out ghee.
20. At this stage remove from fire and transfer into the greased tray/plate and pat it even.
21. Grate some almonds on top.

22. After about 3-4 minutes, cut into pieces in the tray.

23.  Allow to cool and then remove the pieces to store in a jar..............................
This recipe was prepared by my lovely hubby.......

Enjoy your mysore pak................


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