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                                                     LEG CARE TIPS

As the summer season has rolled over gently and is gradually making way to a charming rainy season, so it is no doubt that everyone is eager to flash the pins. A pair of beautiful legs has got much to induce an attractive appeal to the appearance of a woman.

The legs happen to be a part of the body which is often been neglected but it is no way a nice thing to do. Most of the damozels often tend to hide their legs under jeans and tights but if they start flaunting it., then it will indeed be legs at its best. Many people often feel shy to display their legs, but it is no way an obscene act if a part of the legs is seen till knee height. There are various well designed attires that give one a chance to flaunt their legs at it best without creating a raunchy attribute. The only essential to this happen to be keeping ones figure and the leg in shape and taking adequate care so that the skin of the leg should be soft, smooth and glowing with health. Here are few tips on having an attractive pair of leg. They are simple but easy way to boost up the beauty of your leg.

9Tips on Care of Leg:

After the long drawn winter and at the advent of the warm spring, the legs seem to lack the usual glow to a great extent.
 1. The easiest way to restore the charm is brush the leg softly. This will stimulate the blood circulation and the dead skin cells are eliminated by it. The motion of brushing the legs will be a circular one and should continue from the toes in an upward direction towards the thigh

2.After doing this take a refreshing shower and give an aquatic massage to the limbs. It is best to use an exfoliant based on salt and render a circular massage to the areas mostly prone to dull looks, such as, top of legs and back of thighs. If someone is suffering from the cellulite problem, then ground coffee could be used as a scrub. Coffee is indeed a great anti-cellulite element and removes the lumps and the bumps effectively.

3. The next step is nothing other than a hair removal session. One can go for waxing, which should be done under careful professional guidance. Otherwise a good quality razor could be used and it should be done after taking a bath, as the wet hair is hydrated enough to be shaved properly. Still, always be careful while undertaking the task of shaving, as a small cut can hamper the beauty of the legs immensely.

4. Once the hair removal session is over, clean the legs with lukewarm water. Then pat them dry with a soft towel.

5.  Apply a moisturizer immediately, as the wet skin will absorb the lotion much better. Choose the lotion according to the type of your skin, apply it generously and massage it well for a while with long, sweeping motion.

6. The legs will already look beguiling by means of the essential care. So, the next concern will be the care of the feet. A pedicure will make it look absolutely awesome. On can go for pedicure under expert hands but it is also nice to do it yourself comfortably at home.

7. First remove the old nail color and trim the toe nails straight and then file them to have a square shape with round corners. Add few drops of olive oil to soften the cuticle and then push them back.

8. Next, take a foot file and rub it on the heels and the soles to remove the hard dead cells. Then use a good quality foot cream to massage the feet for quite some time. As it gets adequately moisturized then remove the extra oil by means of a cotton ball soaked in warm water.

9. Hence, comes the time of applying the nail color. First put a base coat and as it dries off, then put a coat of your favorite shades. Dark shades are nice for toe nails but the final choice rests upon your discretion. Remove the excess polish from the edge of the nails with a cotton ball dipped in polish remover.

Soon, you will be ready to slip into a nice pair of summer sandals and start swanking your legs, which are absolutely beach ready.

                                   HAND CARE TIPS

It isn't enough if you have a gorgeous face and a soft and glowing skin. Your rough hands and calloused feet might give the whole game away. Keep your hands and feet soft and supple too. Here's how :

Handsreveal your true age. The skin on your hands is thin and delicate; you need to take special care of them.

1. •Soak hands in warm water for five minutes and then pat dry with a soft towel.

2. •When dry, cut your nails (they will have softened with the soaking). Always remember to file nails in one direction and not back and forth as it will split the nails and weaken them.

3•Use a hand cream on your fingers and the back of your hand


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