Sunday, August 22, 2010


INGREDIENTS:  Potatoes (aloo) - 200gms (cut into finger shape)

                            Garlic - 8 cloves,  sliced        
                            Onions - 1 chopped finely
                            Mustard seeds - 1/4tsp
                            Roasted jeera powder - 1tsp
                            Dry mango powder - 1/4tsp
                            Red chilli powder - 1tsp
                            Salt - to taste
                            Curry leaves
                            Oil - 2tbsp
                            Haldi / turmeric - 1/4tsp
                            Jeera seeds - 1/8tsp


1. Slice garlic cloves and keep aside.

2. Chop onions and cut potatoes in finger shape and keep aside.
3. Take  a  pan  add oil and heat it.

4. Now add mustard seeds and let them pop.
5. Then add jeera and fry slightly until it changes the colour.

6.  Add sliced garlic cloves.

7. Fry until it turns golden brown.
8. Then add chopped onions.

9. Saute well until it turns pinkish colour and then add salt.

10. Mix nicely.
11. Add potato sticks.

12. Mix nicely and then add haldi.

13. Saute nicely .

14. Add chilli powder.

15. Mix well evenly.

16. Then add roasted jeera powder and dry mango powder.

17. Mix nicely and keep on roasting until crispy.

serve with sambhar rice or curd rice as side dish.

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