Thursday, February 25, 2010


INGREDIENTS: Sooji -2cups
                            Curd - 1 1/2cups
                            Salt - 1/2tsp
                            Water - if needed

mix all these together and ferment it for 2hrs.

FOR TOPPING: Onion - 2 finely chopped
                             Greenchilles - 4 finely chopped
                             Tomatoes - 2 finely chopped
                             Coriander leaves -1/4cup chopped
                             Chilli power - 2tbsp (just to sprinkle on top of uttapam)
                              Vegetables like carrot,french beans,capsicum,anything you can add (finely chopped)
METHOD:1. Add sooji, curd,salt and mix well if needed add some water. the batter should little thick than the dosa batter.

2. Allow it to ferment for 2hrs.
3. chop all the vegetables needed for the topping.
4. Heat a dosa tawa pour 1spoon of batter and make a small round. the dosa should be thick.
5. Pour some oli on it after 1minute add all the toppings and press little with the laddle.
6. Sprinkle redchilli powder.
7. Cover the dosa with lid and leave it for 1min

8. Turn the dosa to the other side.
9.Let it cook and serve hot
10. This goes well with coconut chutney.....

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