Tuesday, February 23, 2010


   Today am going to share few tips from my personal experience to have a happy married life. Have you ever wondered "WAT IS THE SECRET TOA LONG AND A HAPPY MARRIAGE?" my collection of tried and true marriage tips will help you to answer that question!

1. Start your day with a kiss
2. Laugh together - When you share good laughs together,the fun grows in the relationship and you grow stronger and closer everyday.
3. Say "I LOVE YOU" everyday.
4. Give gifts for each other - nice cute gifts are appreciated every once in a while.
5. Encourage - positive support and being there for one another is also very important.seek their support and give them yours and be generous.
6. Show respect - all the time, whether you are alone or with others,showing respect is  more important than showing love.
7. Celebrate each others birthdays - that does'nt mean to celebrate  in a grand way, just show them that you care on their personal occasions.
8. Accept differences - no one is perfect,healthy arguments are good for the relationship,the most important thing would be learning how to compromise with one another.
9. Talk about your dreams or future - if you dont share your dreams with your  spouse then who else  will you share with?
10. Call during the day - but don't over do it and be obsessed with calling him/her.give them their space but also show them that you think of them by a 2minute phone call saying"how are you"
11. Ask for each others opinion - your decisions will reflect both your lives and not only your own,so their opinion is important for you to make a right move.
12. Respond quickly to the other persons request - show them that you are doing this is because you care for them the most.
13. Pray for each other daily.
14. Welcome the other person home - show enthusiasm when they come home and greet them,this means that you are happy because they are home now and you were waiting for them.

15. End  the day with a hugggggggggggggggg.....................................

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