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Hair Care Tips for Summer
Sun, water and the ocean can cause a lot of damage, especially to dyed hair. Take a look at the following tips to look after hair.

The best things about summer are the fun times - relaxing in the sun, swimming in the ocean or in a pool. This article examines hair care tips to prevent sun damage.

Hair, especially colored or chemically treated hair, needs a lot of protection to avoid looking limp, frizzy and lifeless.

Hair Care Tips for Summer

Sun, water and the ocean can cause a lot of damage, especially to dyed hair. Take a look at the following tips to look after hair.

1. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or the ocean: Chlorine is very harsh on hair and can make it look dull and frizzy. Sea salt has a similar effect and can make dyed hair even worse because dyes and colorants make hair more porous than natural hair. Make sure to use a protein rich conditioner or hair treatment and apply it before swimming. A treatment such as a hair mask will give more protection. Rinse hair immediately after swimming, as more damage can be caused the longer chlorine and sea salt are left in the hair.

2• Avoid blow drying: Allow hair to dry naturally, in the warm summer months at least. Blow drying can damage hair and make it brittle.

3• Hair styling: Use a wide toothed comb and don't brush wet hair as it is more likely to break. Curling tongs and straightening irons can cause damage, so give hair a break every now and again – go natural! If this seems impossible, put hair in a bun or tie a headscarf around the head – even if its just around the house, hair will benefit from the break.

4• Fine hair that looks flat and limp: A volumizing shampoo and conditioner is a good solution. Diet affects hair, so in summer especially, be sure to eat plenty of raw, natural foods to give hair the boost it needs.

5• Split ends: Use a good quality serum or cream and have the hair trimmed regularly to avoid splitting and keep hair looking good.

6• Avoid tight ponytails: This causes tension on the hairline and pulling the hair in this way can cause hair to break, headaches and even hair loss. Tie hair in a looser ponytail and avoid rubber bands or poor quality pony tail bands.

7• Look for natural hair care products: Hair that is regularly washed and conditioned with shampoos and conditioners that contain harmful chemicals, such as SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) can become damaged over time and this can even cause hair loss. Be sure to choose organic, natural products and read labels carefully and get educated on what actually goes into regular shampoo.

8• Home made hair mask: Give hair the ultimate treatment at home – this can be very effective and non-expensive. Try an olive oil or coconut oil mask – simply rub oil into the hair and scalp, cover and allow to soak in for a few hours before washing off with a natural shampoo.

9. Green hair after swimming: Chlorine has this effect on blondes, usually after swimming a lot. Try a rich, natural, leave-in conditioner or treatment and/or visit a salon for a professional analysis.

10• Protection before going on vacation: Start the season with a visit to a stylist for a great cut and treatment to make sure hair is in good condition before going away. Ask the stylist for tips on maintenance to keep hair looking fabulous while away.

Preventing damage to the hair and caring for hair is not difficult. Thinking ahead is the key factor to good looking hair during the hot summer months


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