Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tips to reduce Obesity

Win the weight:

1. Determine with the help of your physician how much weight has to be reduced.
2. Set several short term realistic goals .
3. Reward yourself each time you make progress (Not food items).( Like I will buy a new sandals if I reduce   this much pounds or Kgs)    
4. Even small weight losses have shown to be beneficial.
5. Make gradual changes in eating habits. (The human body reacts negatively when calories are reduced by slowing basal metabolic rate. This makes weight loss harder.)
6. You will lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. Hence eating less and being more active help in losing weight.
7. Sound eating habits keep you out of putting on weight.
8. Stay motivated to lose weight.
9. Slow weight loss is the safest and most effective. ( one to one and half pound per week).
10. Gradual weight loss, promote long term loss of body fat.

Physical activity:

1. Determine the type of physical activity that suits your life style.
2. Regular aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging or swimming, is a key factor in achieving permanent weight loss and improving health
3. Health experts recommend exercising 30 minutes or more on all, days of the week for maximum benefits. 4. The exercises should be moderately vigorous to be most effective but not exhausting.
5. Incorporate few simple measures to burn calories effectively. Like- taking an after dinner walk, using stairs instead of escalators or elevators, parking the car farther away to have a longer walk etc.
6. Exercises also improve sense of well being ,decreases stress and decreases appetite in some.

10 Essential Tips :1. Fry or sauté foods in a non-stick cook wear with low-calorie fat.

2. Baking or boiling is recommended instead of frying.
3. Eat high-fiber foods.
4. Use sugar substitutes while sweetening foods and beverages.
5. Opt for light menus in restaurants, or purchase low-calorie or reduced-fat products at the grocery store.
6. Never skip meals. Eat three to six times a day in smaller portions to avoid getting hungry.
7. Use a smaller plate at mealtime to satisfy your psychological need to see a full plate.
8. Eat and chew slowly. Stop eating before you feel full. (It takes 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain that it is full!)
9. Weigh yourself on a regular schedule, but don’t become a slave to your scale.
10. Reward yourself with pleasures other than food--buy some new clothes, get a different hair style, see a movie, visit a friend, etc.


5:00 - Drink lemon mixed in warm water.(you can even mix honey in it as it is summer iam avoiding honey)

7:00 - Drink skimmed milk (or) green tea (or) lemon tea.

8:30- 2scoops wheat upma (or) 3 ragi dosa with very less oil (or) 3wheat dosa (or) 2-3 idly.
avoid using coconut chutney and more oil. Use green chutney (or) tomato chutney and sambhar.

11:00 - 1 bowl vegetable clear soup (or)  any fruit (or) ragi with butter milk.

12:30 - Eat az bowl of raw veegies salad.

1:00 - browm rice (or) 3-4 chappati's with 3 portions of cuury (i.e vegetables with dal, greens, and vegetable curry) 1cup of curd.

4:00 - 1cup of sprouts or channa(boiled) (or) any fruit or juice.

6:00 - Tender coconut water

7:00 - 1 bowl of homemade soup with lot of vegetables.

7:30 - 3-4 chappati's with vegetable curry and a glass of buttermilk.

8:30 - Eat gauva fruit 1hr before sleeping.

9:30 - 1glass skimmed milk....................(if you wish to drink)

Follow this diet and this help you to reduce weight in healthy way easily 4kgs per month.
but the most important  thing is reduce oily foods, potatoes,
Do exercise and drink lots of water................................
This will help you to look slim and beautiful.................................................


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