Tuesday, March 23, 2010


INGREDIENTS: Milk - 4cups milk (boiled and reduced to 2cups milk)
                          Sugar - 2/3 cup
                          Milk Bread slice - 1
                          Cardamon powder - 1/2tsp
                         Saffron - 1tsp(mixed in warm milk)
                        Nuts(badam &pista) chopped - 1/2cup
                        Corn flour -  1tbsp(mixed in warm milk)
                        Milk -1/2 cup( for mixing corn flour & saffron)

1. Boil milk nicely in a heavy bottom pan if 4 cups milk it should reduce to 2cups.

2. Take 1 slice milkbread remove the crust and powder it in blender.(The secert ingredients for this kulfi is bread)

3. Chop the nuts and keep aside.

4. Take the boiled 2cups milk and let it be in heat in medium flame.
5. Take 1tsp cornflour and mix in milk and add it to the bread powder and grind it once.(this paste gives the thickness and malai consistency)
6. Add sugar to the boiled milk and the grinded bread and corn flour paste.
7. Keep strring the milk till 10 mins in medium flame.

8. Of the stove add yalachi powder 1/2tsp and chopped nuts.
9. Transfer it to a bowl and let it stay in room temperature till it becomes cool.
10. After it comes to the room temperature keep it in freezer compartment.

11. After 3hrs take from the freezer and stir once.
12. And again keep in freezer compartment for 3 more hours.
13. Totally it takes 6hrs to get kulfi ready.
14. At the time of serving keep the kulfi bowl in luke warm water so that it comes out easily like pieces.
15. Take kulfi in serving bowl and add 1tbsp saffron milk on top of the kulfi.

cool cool ..............kesar malai kulfi is ready to serve...........................


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