Monday, March 1, 2010


INGREDIENTS: FOR PREPARING THE DOUGH - Atta - 2cups( i took 7 grain atta as  this is the the                                                                                                                 healthy version)

                                                                                         Salt - 1tsp
                                                                                         Water to knead the dough.

FOR MOOLI STUFFING: Mooli(radish) - 4
                                               Salt - 1/4tsp
                                               Red chilli powder - 1-2tsp
                                               Daneya powder - 1tsp
                                               Green chillies - 1 chopped finely(optional)
                                               Amchur(dry mango powder) - 1/2tsp
                                               Fresh coriander leaves - 1tbsp chopped finely
                                               Haldi - a pinch
                                               Garam masala powder- 1/4tsp

METHOD:1. Knead the atta  like chappati dough.

2. Wash mooli and peel the skin and grate them  with the help of grater.

3. squeeze the water completely from the grated radish or mooli.
4. After squeezing the water the mooli becomes like this.

5. Add all dry masala powders in the mooli - red chilli powder, daneya powder, salt, amchur, haldi, garammasala, chopped green chillies(optional), fresh coriander leaves chopped and mix well.

6. Mix the atta well once again.
7. Divide into equal sized balls.
8. Roll out as you do for regular chapati.
9. Take a spoon full of mooli mixture and keep in the middle of chapati as show below.

10. Fold the chapati covering the mooli masala inside.
11. Roll them again like chapati but it will be little thick than ordinary chapati.

12. heat the tava and fry them pouring little oil.

13. Hot hot mooli paratha is ready to serve.............................
It goes good with cucumber raitha .


  1. That's healthy as well as tasty. I tried this out this weekend, and this turned out really tasty. Thanks for the recipe !!!
    Awaiting some more recipes to try out for the next weekend :-)

  2. akka, this mooli paratha was very tasty. Thanks a lot for the recipe....