Tuesday, March 23, 2010


INGREDIENTS: Yellow pumpkin - 1 piece.

                                       Milk - 1/2litre(BOILED MILK)
                                       Badam - 15(soaked in water and pealed the skin)
                                       Yalachi powder
                                       Condensed milk - 2tbsp
                                       Sugar - 2/3rd cup
                                      Cashewnuts(fried in ghee)

                                     Saffron(mixed in 1tbsp warm milk)

1. Peal the skin and chop pumpkin.

2. Add little milk and let it boil for 3whistles.

3. Take badam peal the skin.
4. In mixer jar add boiled yellow pumpkin and badam to fine paste.

5. Take a sauce pan add milk and this pumpkin paste and mix nicely.

6. Keep it in gas and keep stirring let it thicken for 5mins or till it becomes warm.
7.  Add condensed milk.
8. Cook in medium heat.
9. Add saffron, yalachi powder.

10. Of the gas and add sugar last and it gets dissolved in heat...............
11. Add roasted nuts and serve chill............

NOTE: Yellow pumpkin is good for hyper people.
It can be served either hot or chilled.


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