Friday, March 12, 2010


INGREDIENTS: Besan(sanaga pindi,gram flour) - 4 spoons
                         Rice flour (beyam pindi) - 1spoon
                         Ginger (greated) - 1/2 inch
                         Salt - to taste
                         Greenchillies(chopped finely) - 2
                         Coriander leaves(chopped) - 2tbsp
                         Chow chow (grated) - 2tbsp(instead of chowchow you can use carrot,lauki             (anapakaya),berakaya)
                         Water - to mix the batter

1. Grate ginger and keer aside. if you dont have grater you can even chop them finely.
2. Chop greenchillies,and coriander leaves.
3. Wash and peal the skin of chow,chow and grate  it.

                                       This is only chowchow

4. Take a bowl measure the flours and keep in the bowl.
5. I used this laddle to measure  the flour. 4:1.
                                      (4laddles besan,1 laddle rice flour)

6. Add all the rest ingredients like grated ginger,chowchow,chopped greenchillies,coriander leaves.

7. Then add water and mix well like bhaji flour consistency.

8. Take dosai tawa and keep on the stove.
9. Let it heat for a while smear oil and keep like dosa.

10. Let it fry both sides well.

serve hot with mango pickle and curd.............................

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