Tuesday, March 9, 2010


INGREDIENTS: Methi leaves - 3 small bunches(chopped)
                          Toor dhal - 1cup
                          Tomatoes - 1(chopped)
                          Turmeric - 1/4tsp
                          Greenchillies - 3
                           Water - 5cups

FOR TEMPERING: Mustard seeds - 1/4tsp
                               Jeera seeds - 1/4tsp
                               Dry red chillies - 2
                               Curry leaves
                               Hing(inguva) - pinch
                               Ghee - 1tbsp
MASALA POWDER: Sambhar powder - 2tsp
                                   Tamarind paste - 1tsp
1. Wash methi leaves  in water for several times.
2. I soaked methileaves in salt water for 10 mins before chopping.(by doing this way it will remove all the dirt and worms).
3. Chop the leaves.
4. Take 1cup toor dhal and wash it.
5. In it add chopped tomatoes, greenchillies, and methi leaves.

6. Add 1:5 water i.e (1glass dhal 5 glasses water)

7. Pressure cook it for 6 whistles.

7. Mash the dhal well.
8. Add sambhar powder, salt, tamarind paste.

9. Mix the dhal well .
10. Heat ghee in kadai add mustard seeds, jeera, dry redchillies, curry leaves and hing.

11. Pour it over the dhal mixture.

12. Mix well and let it boil for 5mins.

serve hot goes really very good with hot plain rice..........................

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