Tuesday, July 27, 2010


                              TIPS ON MAKING AUTHENTIC FILTER COFFEE

1.First and foremost, one must be connoisseur of Coffee. A coffee lover would go down to any length to brew it correctly

2. A Coffee Filter is a must. An Indian Coffee filter is a two portion steel container, the bottom portion is for collection and the top portion is where the ground coffee and boiling water are placed. A mushroom shaped filter is located within the top portion. It?s available in various sizes and not expensive.

3. Brewing the coffee is Art which one masters by practice. It?s always according to your taste. Some prefer to be strong/light/black. The brew that percolates down is called decoction. It can be strong or light depending on how many spoons of coffee powder is added to the filter.

4.Open the lid of the top portion of filter. Then u remove the mushroom shaped filter. It resembles like an umbrella kind of a strainer. Add 4-6 spoons of finely ground Indian coffee and close it with that strainer.

Coffee powder is available with chicory also. But I prefer always the pure one. It has an authentic& aromatic flavor. The usual brands are Narasus, Tata Coffee, and Leo Coffee. Also Coffee Day too sells varieties of coffee beans. One must select and they will ground it immediately.

5.Add boiling water to this coffee powder. Immediately u can see bubbles emanating from this froth and close it quickly.

6. After 15-20 minutes, decoction will get collected in bottom container. Its ready for use.

7.Now boil the milk in a pan.

8. First add 1/4th cup of decoction in a glass. Then pour 3/4th cup of hot piping milk. Sugar is always according to one?s taste. This is the normal coffee. One can always increase or decrease the strength of the decoction depending on one?s preference.

9.Don?t ever boil this again as it will kill the beverage and ruin the taste.

10.The authentic flavor of coffee can be enjoyed when served appropriately in a ?Tumbler & davara?.{special serving vessel for coffee only.} It gives that ?oriental touch ? though I m equally at ease with a Coffee Mug.

                                                                                Water - 1/2 cup
                                                                                  Filter for making coffee decoction

FOR COFFEE: Milk - 1cup
                         Sugar - 8tsp
                         Coffee mugs


1. Take 1/2 cup water in a sauce pan.

2. Allow it to boil.

3. Take a filter add 4tsp of coffee powder.

4. After the water starts boiling add to the coffee powder.
5. Till it reaches the marked level.
6. Close the lid and keep it aside for 10 mins.
7. Take the same sauce pan and add milk in it .

8. Allow it to boil nicely.

9. This may take 5mins .

10. By the time you can see that the decoction gets collected to the bottom vessel of the filter.

11. In a container add 8tsp sugar.

12. Once the milk finishes boiling brew the milk with sugar well ,so that you can see foam on top of the milk.

13. Take  coffee mugs.

13. Pour the decoction in it.

14. Now add the milk .

15. It will be like this.

16. Pour the 1/2tsp decoction on top of the milk foam for extra kick.

now hot hot filter coffee is ready to serve with biscuits....................................


  1. Wow... Looks Delicious and nice picture..

  2. Hi, first time to ur blog, you have a great place shaping up here:)

    I am big time coffee freak, lovely tips gonna try them real soon.

    BTW, I also liked ur potato fry...they look super yummm:)

  3. Simply aromatic ! i could imagine how ur kitchen would have smelt with coffee when u were preparing it ! aaaaahhhh......very beautifully explained :)

  4. i love filter coffee and make it the same way.
    nice blog and thanks for dropping by...

  5. Thanks for visiting our blog....you have an awesome space here...love the step by step pix of the recipes....great job!!

    Love the fliter coffee...can smell the aroma ....so now we are just heading the the kitchen to make a cup of hot expresso....anyone joining us ;-)

  6. wow I am coffee lover and found authentic coorg coffee recipe..We also prepare coffee in this way..and I love the coorg coffee powder...

    Thanks for dropping in ur comment..
    I have been busy with exams..so couldnt update my blog...
    U have a lovely space in here..will definetely try all ur veggie recipes.. !!!

  7. used to make it by putting in the mushroom filter in first and then coffee powder on it,,, now i know what i was doing wrong. thanks for this info!!!

  8. I suspect the 'Coffe day' roasted coffee seeds contain added artificial coffee flavour.

    This point needs investigation