Saturday, July 3, 2010

Little Surprise for my Darling.....

Hi Viewers,

This is Veeru, Viju's husband.
Sorry for snaeaking into your space.......
You might have noticed now a days Viju is not posting as frequent as she used to do earlier.

The reason behind this was her camera had some problem....
So, She was feeling low now a days....
I Love her a lot and I wanted to give confidence to her.
So I bought her a new camera.....

This is her new camera...

shhh...... She doesn't know this yet..... This is our secret..... :-)

I wanted to give her a small surprise....

Let her look into her blog to find her little surprise.....

I hope she likes it.......

She will be rocking again as usual from now on......

See you Folks.......

Love U Lots Darling.....

Yours Chinnu


  1. Viju, that's so sweet of your husband, hope you must be very happy with your new camera.

  2. Beautiful thought and a very responsible husband. Best wishes.

  3. Wow Viju! Thats so nice of your hubby! Hope to see your blog posts soon...

  4. Lovely! This woman can cook.

  5. wow, this is really a very good surprise. Viju, hope u are happy and surprised now??? Now lets see ur new recipes through ur new camera lens. All the best.

  6. hai viju, thanks for your lovely comments in my blog.ur blog is very nice and interesting.also ur husband's excellent nice to have such a lovely hubby...all the best.

  7. Wow Viju! Thats so nice of your hubby!!...Thxs dear for ur lovely comments in my blog.I'm happy...ur blog is very nice ya..

  8. wow....wonderful surprise... looking forward for new recipes

  9. good! good! so inemey nalla padam kaattalaam from your kitchen...:)

  10. Wow! thats nice,hope u will rock with ur new camera soon...

  11. Wow viji its very nice and wonderful surprise.I think u must be very happy enjoy the gift and come through lots of recipes dear.

  12. Thank You for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!

    First time here. Your blog looks great. Following you :-)

  13. soooo....sweet and she is gonna love it:)

  14. hi viju,

    you hubby is very sweet : )i can imagine your reaction when u see this post..u have a cool collection of recipes and articles ...look forward to your posts with the new camera.

    if u get time do visit my blog

  15. Thats so sweet..Hope to see amaxing clicks from you..

  16. That's so sweet of ur DH dear, waiting to see ur clicks dear. Thanks for dropping by.